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Overeat this Thanksgiving weekend? 4 Easy Steps on how to get back on track

November 28, 2016


Did you overeat this weekend? You and me both! That’s ok. The holidays are a perfect time to enjoy time with family, take a break from work, and of course, enjoy some delicious food. But what do you do when you overdo it? Here are some simple tips on how to recover from a weekend of not so perfect eating and bring your body back into balance. 


1) Drink water! I know, I know. So simple. But listen. A lot of that amazingly delicious food is loaded with excess sodium. It causes bloating and dehydration. A fast way to recover and get back to normal is to drink more water than you usually would. Give your body a break and flush out the sodium by loading up on water, and staying away from anything high in sodium for the next few days. Your skin will also be grateful because it helps reduce the puffiness from a weekend full of sodium. 


2) Do some juicing! When you overeat, not only is the food likely to be full of salt, you most likely ate more carbs & fats than your body would of preferred. Give yourself an inflammation reducing raw juice during your lunch break rather than leftovers. A favorite of mine is raw spinach, half a cucumber, juice from a half of a lemon, a pinch of raw ginger. Throw it into my NutriBullet and Inflammation be GONE! 


3) Sweat it out! After a weekend of doing a lot of not so good eating, the best thing is to get right back on the horse. Don’t beat yourself up or feel discouraged if you over did it. Enjoying yourself during the holidays is part of the joys of life. But go out for a walk. Sign up for your favorite exercise class. Call your trainer for a session right away. Whatever works best for you. But make sure you schedule it, and follow through with it. 


4) When choosing what to eat this week, try choosing foods that bring your body back into balance. Here are some of my favorites: 


Broccoli: high in fiber & vitamin K&C

Wild Caught Salmon : Omega 3’s  

Turmeric: amazing anti-inflammatory 

Ginger: great for digestion 

Onions: regulate blood sugar 

Garlic: reduces blood pressure

Spinach : basically a multi vitamin 

Almonds: Omega 3’s, fiber & protein

Tomatoes: excellent source of vitamin C and heart healthy properties

Pomegranates: loaded with nutrients - Fiber, Vitamin C, Vitamin K, Folate, Potassium

Mushrooms : vitamin D - less sun this time of year



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Overeat this Thanksgiving weekend? 4 Easy Steps on how to get back on track

November 28, 2016

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