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The Most Basic Ingredient to Health and Wellness

June 28, 2016



When you think about what our bodies need for survival, one of the most important elements needed is water. Water really is a major part of all life forms in general, due to the role it serves us at a cellular level. At the cellular level, H2O serves as a vital nutrient for cells to function and most importantly repair. If you weight-lift, or do any type of physical work, repairing of the cells is key for becoming stronger.


Our whole body is made up of different types of cells. Examples:



Nervous system

Our muscles:

Skeletal (the ones we use during exercise and moving our body parts)

Cardiac (What keeps our heart beating)

Smooth Muscles (similar to cardiac; controls internal organ functions)

When our body is not being adequately hydrated, one of the above or all of the above begin to not function correctly, ultimately leading us to a state of dehydration.


Inadequate intake of water ultimately leads us to the “not so fun” stuff.


Symptoms of Dehydration



Increased Muscle Soreness

Acne (caused by our bodies response to the toxins that are not being eliminated from our systems due to the inadequate amount of water.)

Decreased Mental Function

Dry Skin



Laziness / Lethargy / Tiredness

Increased weight gain due to the increase in cortisol levels which is caused by the extra stress we’re adding to our bodies by simply not giving it what it needs…

Studies have shown that adequate intake of water has many benefits.


Proven Benefits of Staying Hydrated


Improved Cardiac Function/Health

Increased Energy

Increased Metabolism 

Joint function and Muscle Health / Tone

Healthy Skin

Cleanses body of toxins

The opposite of all the dehydration symptoms really



You may have heard that 8 full glasses a day is all thats needed. However, science has proven that wrong. It is now recommended that you consume at least (not including activity)


80-120 ounces per day


But you should also think about how much exercise or even just activity you are engaging in throughout your day, and the type of climate you're in.


More activity = More water 


Hotter Climate/Season = More water


Another easy and simple tip that most people fail to do - LISTEN TO YOUR BODY. If you start to notice one of the above symptoms of dehydration, simply add 20 more ounces on the following day and see how you feel. 


Tips On How to Get Enough Water


Once you figure out your recommended amount, all that’s left is creating a game plan and following through. *The trick is to make it part of your lifestyle*


What does that mean?


Make it a routine.




Serving Size - 1 LARGE GLASS 


Morning- Immediately upon waking up


2 Hours Later


Pre Workout


Post Workout 




One hour before bed


*You can also set up your routine to drink smaller amounts more frequently. Keep in mind that the goal here is to create a routine that works for YOUR lifestyle. Do what works for you and hit those ounces.


As you have read above you can conclude that the need for water goes much deeper than the surface of what we generally hear or read. At the deepest part of our physical being, at a cellular level WATER IS THE FOUNDATION for growth, life, and becoming the best version of yourself.


How exactly is that contributing to your overall personal development?


You're Exercising: Goal setting, follow through, consistency, and determination

You get practice each of those tools with a simple routine based on drinking enough water.


That contribution to your health and wellness as a whole is so valuable not only to you, but your future success. 




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