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We aren't going to try to sell you on crazy crash diets or magic pills or a particular workout that guarantees a one pound weight loss or weight gain in an hour. We aren't interested in being like the big box gyms and giving clients only a piece of the puzzle and stringing them along for months at a time with no results whatsoever. You put in the work, we will get you the results. We want you to walk out our doors BETTER than when you came in the first time. No BS. No "trainer" nonsense. Just methods that work. 


DToX Fitness opened their doors November 2014. Started by husband and wife team Dustin and Carolyn Martin, their passion for helping others reach goals is the driving force of their every day.


Carolyn Martin




Carolyn's clients range from top business professionals to celebrities, doctors, lawyers, moms and everything in between. National Academy of Sport Medicine Certified, Holistic Nutrition Certified. Her track record is highly impressive with weight loss success stories, improving the health and overall well being of her clients. The success of her clients is based on her ability to connect the dots for people. A lot of what she does is based on psychology and behavioral changes rather than just a workout. To be able to get people to connect the dots and actually change their behavior is half the battle with weight loss. A love for people and a passion for helping them change is what drives her.

Dustin Martin




Dustin is certified by National Academy of Sports Medicine with credentials in Nutrition and Sports Performance. Highly sought after for his specialization in strength training, weight loss and his vast knowledge of the human body, the results he produces for his clients speak for themselves. While being an expert in all facets of fitness, his most preferred method of change is helping clients change their mindset. 

Marlon Fernando


Marlon has a passion for creating long term change in those who want to become better, fitter and healthier versions of themselves. He will help you develop, strengthen and implement the fundamentals of healthy movement, nutrition, training, and mindset for you and your lifestyle so you can grow into the best version of yourself. He is well rounded in coaching and holds certifications as a Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Functional Strength Coach, Corrective Exercise Specialist, FMT - Blades (iastm), Behavioral Change, and Nutrition. He uses pieces from each of the fields to help his clients get to their goals safely and efficiently.

Louis Soriano


Born in the Philippines, raised in San Diego and now hustling in LA. Being the son of a Navy SEAL, fitness has had an impact on my life from a young age so a career as a fitness instructor was always going to be a natural fit. 

Now as a NASM certified CPT I strive to help others achieve their goals in the most fun, positive and inspiring way I can.